Procurement, Leasing and Supply of Marine/Industrial Equipment, Tools & Accessories

MAROGAS and Frawma Services Ltd. equipment leasing have the resources and brokerage relationships to bring interested parties together for buying, selling or leasing a wide range of barges, marine and industrial equipment and tools. We promote a company culture that encourages a high level of trust and ethical standards. We are firm believers in integrity and this is what we build our long-term business relationships on. Being focused on this belief ensures that we conduct business with all our customers in a principled and honest manner.

We are committed to serving the needs of industrial enterprises of all sizes, and we realize that the cost of purchasing the necessary equipment can be prohibitive. When you choose to lease your equipment through MARIOAS, you will have the benefit of an industry specialist who can help create a custom financing solution to meet your company’s needs.

 Whatever your maritime project or industrial process, we know what it takes to keep your business moving.

 We also install marine and industrial engines and equipment for our customers. We lease barges and oil field support vessels.

 We supply generators, electric motors, pumps, electronic equipment, engine parts, marine engines and chemicals.

 You can contact us for whatever marine or industrial equipment you intend to lease or purchase.


We are the leading and most respected Nigerian marine engineering company

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